Shopping Hecticies & Amigurumi

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So this past weekend I took a happy trip to the nearest Hobby Lobby (25 min. away) and on the drive there I noted several cops petrolling the streets whereupon I navigated my vehicle. So minding my speed I carefully proceeded to my destination.

To my great delight I noticed that a lot of things were marked 50% off throughout the store as I made my way back to the sterling silver. Sterling silver is never on sale however, so I was not getting my hopes up. I was dismayed to see that the particular item I desired was 13.99! Blek. But to my delight, the sterling silver WAS 50% off! I sighed a large sigh and sallied forth to the yarn.

To my great dismay the yarn I desired was not on sale. So resignedly I poked through the yarns trying to pick and choose between the myriad of goodies my eyes feasted upon while my heart ached that my purse was so limited. I had just about made my final choices when I was elated by the memory that I had yarn to return waiting at the front of the store, my purse was not so limited after all! I added a few things to my buggy and moseyed on up the front in a mild state of bliss to check out.

To make a long store slightly shorter, it turned out my yarn was rather dated and the prices had gone up since their purchase, I might not be able to return, no, I could, no, I couldn’t. Wait, yes… I could!

“I’ll just need to see your ID.” The cashier said finally, after the status of my return had been determined. No problem. I grabbed my bag, looked in the pocket where I keep my cards and my stomach promptly attempted some ill fated parkour antic. Fie. Forgetard that I am left it in my pocket when last I went to the walking track. Therefore; I was unable to make the return.

So with great irritation and an emptier shopping bag I began my journey home whilst kicking myself mentally. How could a shopping trip be so wonderful and terrible all at once? Erg.

I made it home without getting pulled over by afore mentioned cops and have been crocheting happily ever since.

Which brings me neatly to my next subject, I have just completed my first amigurumi project! A family of mini pumpkins! They are listed at The Crescent Crow and here is a photo:


Fall Means Yarn!

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Even though it’s as hot and muggy as ever here in Georgia, you can sense that the smell of autumn will be wafting on the breeze very soon. Though fall begins in just a couple of days, it doesn’t usually feel like fall until we’re well into October. Oh how I love fall… winter… spring… anything but summer, really. But fall is special because August is so mean to me.

So with the impending delights of cooler weather, I have an itch to pick up my long neglected crochet hooks and start working away at cozy, yarnatious creations! In my previous post I mentioned that I’m working on a new Etsy shop just for crochet and I hope to have lots of interesting goodies for fall and winter. Some interesting afghans, shawls, hats, bags, scarves, amigurumi, etc.!



The Behemothic Leap

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So maybe you like crafting and have had some far off hope of selling your work but just never seem to get around to actually taking that first step. That was me up until very recently! So what is that first step, and is it indeed a leap of considerable size?

I sure thought it was. But when I finally made a move, I realized it was not. It was a series of small insignificant steps that gradually lead to achievement. I was actually hoping for a big huge step and the fact that it wasn’t that grandiose was what held me back! …Yes, I’m just kind of a lunatic.

It was perfectionism, basically. I had this mentality that I could not, or rather, did not want to start unless I was “set up”. And by set up I mean, having the best supplies and tools in the ideal working condition. What does that mean? Well, it really is kind of ambiguous and that is the bottom line. Whatever it was that was holding me back was ambiguous and unattainable without a decent chunk of money up front. So if you aren’t sure what’s holding you back, you know it’s dumb and shouldn’t be. Yes, I know, I’m brilliant. Ha!

Seeing as I was trying to make money, needing a large chunk up front simply wasn’t practical! So I finally did it. I finally started with what I had. And that is the simple unhappy truth. I had to make a meager start with the scraps of materials I had accumulated over years of piddling to make some decent stuff that I could sell so I could use that money to buy better materials to make nicer things to sell so I could buy the best materials to make the nicest things to sell and THEN make money that might actually start piling up in my savings account! It takes time and it isn’t exciting, but it’s how I’m doing it.

If you don’t have materials on hand like I did, go to some yard sales or thrift stores and see if you can find some “crap” you can piddle with to get started. They might have some spools of wire or some decent jewelry making tools, fabric to practice with, old yarn and used hooks and needles. Find a cheap or free way to get started! I found a $10 Kenmore sewing machine at a yard sale and it works great!

So, as friend always says at the end of a long tirade, “to make a long story short” I finally stopped twiddling my thumbs and opened an Etsy account. I posted my things on Facebook letting people know my stuff was for sale and little by little orders started coming in!

Humble beginnings, healthy profits, happy me!

Festival Fever

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Back in the spring I participated in my first Arts & Crafts festival, the Spalding County Mayfling, and although it didn’t turn out to be a spectacular success it was a very good experience. Having enjoyed it have decided to pursue doing festivals and I am going to be in the Paulding Meadows Arts & Crafts Festival this weekend! For directions, visit Google Maps. The festival is this weekend, the September 11th & 12th, hope to see you there!

My Etsy Store is doing well. I have had a steady increase in business. Not a LOT, but it is growing. I have decided to take the crochet stuff out of the store and create a new account just for crochet and I have named it The Crescent Crow Collection. I am particularly proud of the banner I made for it, check it out. As soon as the Festival is over (and as long as my Shady Hollow Collection inventory hasn’t been completely depleted) I plan to turn my attention to crocheting once again and start working on lots of fall/winter goodies! I can hardly wait.

"Today, Tomorrow & Always"

"Today, Tomorrow & Always"

My newest endeavor has been the Natural Class Jewelry collection. I decided I should branch out from the birds nest jewelry and do other things. Here is an example: The “Today, tomorrow & Always” pendant and earrings set made with red and black rock chip beads wrapped in sterling silver wire. Visit my Etsy Shop to see the entire collection.

Finally, I would just like to promote my friend’s budding photography business, check out her Facebook Page and become a fan!

"Natural Impressions Photography"



Sales & Coupons

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Jo~Ann Craft Stores

Today a JoAnn sale paper came in the mail with a coupon book with several 40% off coupons. If you haven’t signed up to receive their sale papers, you should! The online sales and offers are sometimes different. To receive the stuff in the mail, fill out one of those cards next time your in the store at the check out. Visit their website to sign up for email news and offers! Join the JoAnn community and meet others who share your interests and gain new information!

Hobby Lobby Stores

Hobby Lobby is my all time favorite craft store… perhaps my all time favorite store; period! I connected to their sale information feed, you can find it at the bottom of the side bar to the right. Here is a link to this week’s paper. Their jewelry making supplies are perpetually on sale but seem to always exclude sterling silver findings! Ug. Maybe I will catch them in the act yet.

Michael’s Craft Stores

Michael’s has some pretty good looking deals too. Visit their home page and click on “view this weeks ad” and enter your zip code. You will then be directed to their sale paper.

These three stores are the chains in my region, I’m sorry if I haven’t covered anything in your area. Keep an eye out for your small local stores and try to support them whenever you can!

The “How To” Series

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I will be working hard to bring to you a series of tutorial videos over the course of the next few weeks. At this time the series will feature the following topics:

  • How To: Make Birds Nest Jewelry (in at least 3 parts)
  • How To: Crochet (in several parts)
  • How To: Sculpt Wire Trees (in several parts)

There are more I hope to get to when I have explored new endeavors but these will do for now.

Someday (when I have gotten my hands on some video editing software) I will put all the “parts” together in one whole video. But for now they will just have to be a series of clips by themselves.

A Few New Trees & A Few Other Things…

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So… the crochet frenzy subsided to a birds nest jewelry frenzy and now that has subsided to a tree making frenzy. I was working on a tree made with dark copper wire and emerald rock chips that I call “Leaves of Emerald” and it is for sale at my Etsy Store. (pictured below)…  …I finished that up in time to make a tree at a friends request with white frosted bugle beads and bright copper wire on a mirror base with white sand; pictured below. I call it “Sunfire Frost”.

And I just finished a willow tree made with silver wire and vibrant blue seed beads on a mirror base with white rock pebblettes. It is a very belated Birthday gift for my mom. Gads.  Pictured below. Haven’t got a name for it yet.


Not sure if the tree making frenzy will continue. I think I would like it to… enough to make a couple of more trees to sell since out of the three I’ve finished, only one is for sale.

After that I think I will work on my jewelry inventory. I am hoping to participate in some sort of festival, the most likely candidate at this point is the Great Griffin Mayfling held annually in April (… yeah, I don’t know why). I think the jewelry will be popular, I hope! Then I was told about the Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay Ga., a much bigger festival (which is much more costly to be in) but if I do well at the Mayfling, I will use some of the profits to be in the other one. It seems like a decent plan at the moment.

As far as this blog is concerned in general… I hope to be making posts at least once weekly, hopefully twice weekly. *grin* We shall see. I want this to be a reliable place to keep tabs on sales at crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby, Joann and Michael’s along with coupon links and the like. And like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be making tutorial videos of various things. I’m not sure if I will wait to do that until I get some video editing software or go ahead and dive in polishing things up later. I think I may go ahead and dive in.