A Few New Trees & A Few Other Things…

So… the crochet frenzy subsided to a birds nest jewelry frenzy and now that has subsided to a tree making frenzy. I was working on a tree made with dark copper wire and emerald rock chips that I call “Leaves of Emerald” and it is for sale at my Etsy Store. (pictured below)…  …I finished that up in time to make a tree at a friends request with white frosted bugle beads and bright copper wire on a mirror base with white sand; pictured below. I call it “Sunfire Frost”.

And I just finished a willow tree made with silver wire and vibrant blue seed beads on a mirror base with white rock pebblettes. It is a very belated Birthday gift for my mom. Gads.  Pictured below. Haven’t got a name for it yet.


Not sure if the tree making frenzy will continue. I think I would like it to… enough to make a couple of more trees to sell since out of the three I’ve finished, only one is for sale.

After that I think I will work on my jewelry inventory. I am hoping to participate in some sort of festival, the most likely candidate at this point is the Great Griffin Mayfling held annually in April (… yeah, I don’t know why). I think the jewelry will be popular, I hope! Then I was told about the Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay Ga., a much bigger festival (which is much more costly to be in) but if I do well at the Mayfling, I will use some of the profits to be in the other one. It seems like a decent plan at the moment.

As far as this blog is concerned in general… I hope to be making posts at least once weekly, hopefully twice weekly. *grin* We shall see. I want this to be a reliable place to keep tabs on sales at crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby, Joann and Michael’s along with coupon links and the like. And like I mentioned in my previous post, I will be making tutorial videos of various things. I’m not sure if I will wait to do that until I get some video editing software or go ahead and dive in polishing things up later. I think I may go ahead and dive in.


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