Festival Fever

Back in the spring I participated in my first Arts & Crafts festival, the Spalding County Mayfling, and although it didn’t turn out to be a spectacular success it was a very good experience. Having enjoyed it have decided to pursue doing festivals and I am going to be in the Paulding Meadows Arts & Crafts Festival this weekend! For directions, visit Google Maps. The festival is this weekend, the September 11th & 12th, hope to see you there!

My Etsy Store is doing well. I have had a steady increase in business. Not a LOT, but it is growing. I have decided to take the crochet stuff out of the store and create a new account just for crochet and I have named it The Crescent Crow Collection. I am particularly proud of the banner I made for it, check it out. As soon as the Festival is over (and as long as my Shady Hollow Collection inventory hasn’t been completely depleted) I plan to turn my attention to crocheting once again and start working on lots of fall/winter goodies! I can hardly wait.

"Today, Tomorrow & Always"

"Today, Tomorrow & Always"

My newest endeavor has been the Natural Class Jewelry collection. I decided I should branch out from the birds nest jewelry and do other things. Here is an example: The “Today, tomorrow & Always” pendant and earrings set made with red and black rock chip beads wrapped in sterling silver wire. Visit my Etsy Shop to see the entire collection.

Finally, I would just like to promote my friend’s budding photography business, check out her Facebook Page and become a fan!

"Natural Impressions Photography"




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