The Behemothic Leap

So maybe you like crafting and have had some far off hope of selling your work but just never seem to get around to actually taking that first step. That was me up until very recently! So what is that first step, and is it indeed a leap of considerable size?

I sure thought it was. But when I finally made a move, I realized it was not. It was a series of small insignificant steps that gradually lead to achievement. I was actually hoping for a big huge step and the fact that it wasn’t that grandiose was what held me back! …Yes, I’m just kind of a lunatic.

It was perfectionism, basically. I had this mentality that I could not, or rather, did not want to start unless I was “set up”. And by set up I mean, having the best supplies and tools in the ideal working condition. What does that mean? Well, it really is kind of ambiguous and that is the bottom line. Whatever it was that was holding me back was ambiguous and unattainable without a decent chunk of money up front. So if you aren’t sure what’s holding you back, you know it’s dumb and shouldn’t be. Yes, I know, I’m brilliant. Ha!

Seeing as I was trying to make money, needing a large chunk up front simply wasn’t practical! So I finally did it. I finally started with what I had. And that is the simple unhappy truth. I had to make a meager start with the scraps of materials I had accumulated over years of piddling to make some decent stuff that I could sell so I could use that money to buy better materials to make nicer things to sell so I could buy the best materials to make the nicest things to sell and THEN make money that might actually start piling up in my savings account! It takes time and it isn’t exciting, but it’s how I’m doing it.

If you don’t have materials on hand like I did, go to some yard sales or thrift stores and see if you can find some “crap” you can piddle with to get started. They might have some spools of wire or some decent jewelry making tools, fabric to practice with, old yarn and used hooks and needles. Find a cheap or free way to get started! I found a $10 Kenmore sewing machine at a yard sale and it works great!

So, as friend always says at the end of a long tirade, “to make a long story short” I finally stopped twiddling my thumbs and opened an Etsy account. I posted my things on Facebook letting people know my stuff was for sale and little by little orders started coming in!

Humble beginnings, healthy profits, happy me!


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