Shopping Hecticies & Amigurumi

So this past weekend I took a happy trip to the nearest Hobby Lobby (25 min. away) and on the drive there I noted several cops petrolling the streets whereupon I navigated my vehicle. So minding my speed I carefully proceeded to my destination.

To my great delight I noticed that a lot of things were marked 50% off throughout the store as I made my way back to the sterling silver. Sterling silver is never on sale however, so I was not getting my hopes up. I was dismayed to see that the particular item I desired was 13.99! Blek. But to my delight, the sterling silver WAS 50% off! I sighed a large sigh and sallied forth to the yarn.

To my great dismay the yarn I desired was not on sale. So resignedly I poked through the yarns trying to pick and choose between the myriad of goodies my eyes feasted upon while my heart ached that my purse was so limited. I had just about made my final choices when I was elated by the memory that I had yarn to return waiting at the front of the store, my purse was not so limited after all! I added a few things to my buggy and moseyed on up the front in a mild state of bliss to check out.

To make a long store slightly shorter, it turned out my yarn was rather dated and the prices had gone up since their purchase, I might not be able to return, no, I could, no, I couldn’t. Wait, yes… I could!

“I’ll just need to see your ID.” The cashier said finally, after the status of my return had been determined. No problem. I grabbed my bag, looked in the pocket where I keep my cards and my stomach promptly attempted some ill fated parkour antic. Fie. Forgetard that I am left it in my pocket when last I went to the walking track. Therefore; I was unable to make the return.

So with great irritation and an emptier shopping bag I began my journey home whilst kicking myself mentally. How could a shopping trip be so wonderful and terrible all at once? Erg.

I made it home without getting pulled over by afore mentioned cops and have been crocheting happily ever since.

Which brings me neatly to my next subject, I have just completed my first amigurumi project! A family of mini pumpkins! They are listed at The Crescent Crow and here is a photo:


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